a Review by Anna Maria Stjärnell Elizabeth Carpenter has made music for many years and you can tell by her record. She’s an experienced artist who writes great songs. “Mauvais Foi” is straight up New Orleans jazz with a sassy approach. Hoagy Carmichel’s “Baltimore Oriole” gets a lively reading. Carpenter’s sexy vocal and the expert backing are a delight. The title track is a song with smart, lusty lyrics. Carpenter sings of casual relationships with verve and daring. The rendition of Carmichel and Johnny Mercer’s “Skylark” even rivals k.d lang’s version. Carpenter’s gorgeous vocal and the relaxed approach works wonders. “Bad and Lonely end” is a tango about a love ending. Elsewhere Carpenter has a Clint Eastwood dream(don’t we all?) and sings of skindiving. This album is a real treat. Posted on February 14, 2006” - Anna Maria Stjärnell

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Today's Featured Music Selection: Elizabeth Carpenter Imagine Mae west & Dorothy Parker taking on a modern rock sound with just a pinch of Motown added. The former dancer and filmmaker turned singer songwriter Elizabeth Carpenter is heard throughout this hour. Dave Beck hosts the Seattle based artist and her band live in our performance studio. She describes her sound as 'Dissonant Roots Music', a style that grew out of Elizabeth's interests in blues, jazz, rock, R&B, Latin and folk traditions. Elizabeth Carpenter's most recent recoding is titled Flirting. Go to website link below to listen to the archived live radio show...” - Dave Beck

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I have just been interviewed by a wonderful music website called, Intuitive Music - this article was posted on 12/18/06 and will be archived. This website serves to help promote all kinds of music and they chose me for their spotlight artist interview - so, if you feel like reading about my take on their questionnaire and their take on my music, here's the link: http://www.intuitivemusic.com/elizabeth-carpenter-hints-recommends ps - and you can leave comments there, too. _________________________ Here is the review portion - click on link for the questionnaire/interview section: By Koldo Barosso - Elizabeth Carpenter is one the most touching and moving artists that we have had the pleasure of knowing this year. She is a vocalist and song writer in the tradition of artists like Joni Mitchell, Rickie Lee Jones and Nick Drake. People with something soulful to say who say it in a personal, intimate and touching way. Not only she has the skill of making you feel warm and comfortable with her voice and an acoustic guitar, but she has formed one of the most interesting ensembles in Seattle with a group of wonderful jazz-oriented musicians including Conlin Roser (guitar), Erik Anderson (drums), Jon Markel (double bass), Tobi Stone (saxophone and flute), Amy Denio (sax, accordian), Dave Carter (trumpet, flugel horn), Ty Baillie (keyboards), Jeff Busch (Latin Percussion) and Paul Rucker (cello). With this wonder team, Elizabeth has put into the same pot a combination of blues, jazz, rock, rhythm and blues, latin, folk and oldies sounds to bring a timeless charming music style. Elizabeth talks with us about her influences and music recommendations for the new year. She is one of the most culturally enriching people to talk to that we know, so you might take good note of her hints.” - Koldo Barosso

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Patrick Eudeline has mentioned me in his article, 'Ca Veut Dire Peuple Le Folk' in the French music magazine, Rock & Folk: http://www.rocknfolk.com/site/accueil.php You need to buy the article on-line to view the full article. My wonderful French MySpace friends saw the article and let me know that I had been mentioned and I am most appreciative! Patrick Eudeline found me on MySpace and liked what her heard and in the article is talking about how MySpace helps artists like me to gain worldwide exposure. So, what a wonderful surprise for me to be noticed by, as one friend said, the Lester Bangs of France. I am most honored and appreciative, bien sur!! Here's the gist of what he said about me and Madeleine Peroux: ...that we are both armed with ... "the strength of your guitar and your own truth" This is the more exact translation: And we never saw, in Myspace or elsewhere, following Elizabeth Carpenter or Madeleine Peyroux, so many young women armed with their own truth and an acoustic guitar." But, here is the exact French quote: Et on n'a jamais vu, sur MySpace ou ailleurs, a la suite d'Elisabeth Carpenter (yes, he spelled my name with the French 's') ou Madeleine Peroux, tant de jeunes femmes armes de leur seule verite ou d'une acoustique." Merci Beaucoup, Patrick! Sincerely! Elizabeth Carpenter (with a 'Z'!)” - Patrick Eudeline

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