1. Mauvais Foi

From the recording Mauvais Foi


Mauvais Foi
[Dedicated to Prof. James Carse]

Let’s call it a day
Split a bottle of Beaujolais
You say you’ve got the time
To hear me whine on & on
All about my…

Mauvais Foi
It sounds so la-dee-dah
Mauvais Foi
How you ewh & ahh
When I spout my existential angst in this erudite manner
Mauvais Foi
There’s no mistaking it
Mauvais Foi
It’s all about faking it
Inauthentic living, it has got me singing these
Bad Faith Blues

The Bad Faith Blues are all about those dead-end ways (dead-end ways)
All those foolish moves and all those no-love lays, no-love lays
Oh, how I’ve paid for singing these blues
Mauvais Foi
The bottle’s empty now
Mauvais Foi
You look delectable
Nothing like a buzz-on when I’m x-plee-cay-ing
These bad faith views
Mauvais Foi
Your mood is seizing me
Mauvais Foi
Or are you just teasing me?
When you say you think you could be the end to my
Bad Faith Blues

You say you & me could really go somewhere (go somewhere)
Are you just the one to end all this despair? Dare I care?
Fool beware!
Mauvais foi,
Or are you faking it?
Mauvais foi,
Are you my next mistake?
Mauvias foi – you sound so la-dee-dah, la-dee-dah…
(Riffing improv…)
Mauvias Foi, I ‘m tired of you
Mauvias Foi, find me a new point of view
You just don’t do, you just don’t do
Mauvais Foi, Mauvais Foi
Oh, won’t you take me away,
Take me away, take me away
…from all these blues?!