1. Foxxy Boy

From the recording Foxxy Boy


Foxxy Boy

Taking off your clothes is all thatz really on my mind
When I’m out hanging with you
I pretend that I’m OK just being your friend
But you know thatz not really true
But I am shy
I want you to make the move
Oh, my Foxxy Boy

You know very well that you’re the kind of guy
That any girl would kill for to have in their bed
I’m the kinda girl that may not seem at first to be the one
To rule your world
‘Cause I am shy
How I want to seduce you

Get me in your arms
And I will prove to you that I can take you where
You never thought you’d go,
Till you can’t get enough of me, get enough of me
Your Foxxy Girl

Seduce me, Oh my Foxxy Boy
You and me we laugh more than we do with anybody else
& thatz why I first fell for you
In this life itz oh so rare to find the kinda fun we have
To feel this free, this good
But I am shy, don’t you see?
Itz you, Itz you, who are the one for me
Take us further!
Won’t you take us further?
Oh my Foxxy, Oh my Foxxy… Boy