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Elizabeth Carpenter: News

Patrick Eudeline (the Lest Bangs of France) mentions me in his article in Rock and Folk - May 28, 2007

Patrick Eudeline has mentioned me in his article, 'Ca Veut Dire Peuple Le Folk' in the French music magazine, Rock and Folk:
My wonderful French MySpace friends saw the article and let me know that I had been mentioned and I am most appreciative! Patrick Eudeline found me on MySpace and liked what her heard and in the article is talking about how MySpace helps artists like me to gain worldwide exposure.

So, what a wonderful surprise for me to be noticed by, as one friend said, the Lester Bangs of France. I am most honored and appreciative, bien sur!!

Here's the gist of what he said about me and Madeleine Peroux:
...that we are both armed with ... "the strength of your guitar and your own truth"

This is the more exact translation:
"And we never saw, in Myspace or elsewhere, following Elizabeth Carpenter or Madeleine Peyroux, so many
young women armed with their own truth and an acoustic guitar."

But, here is the exact French quote:

"Et on n'a jamais vu, sur MySpace ou ailleurs, a la suite d'Elisabeth Carpenter (yes, he spelled my name with the French 's') ou Madeleine Peroux, tant de jeunes femmes armes de leur seule verite ou d'une acoustique."

Merci Beaucoup, Patrick!
Elizabeth Carpenter (with a 'Z'!)

Interview on Intuitive Music website - December 19, 2006

I have just been interviewed by a wonderful music website called, Intuitive Music - this article was posted on 12/18/06 and will be archived.

This website serves to help promote all kinds of music and they chose me for their spotlight artist interview - so, if you feel like reading about my take on their questionnaire and their take on my music, here's the link:
ps - and you can leave comments there, too.

A link is also provided in my LINKS section.

Live Radio Interview & Performance on NPR - February 13, 2006

Elizabeth Carpenter Trio on NPR/KUOW's "The Beat" , Mon. Feb 13th @ 2 pm Live Radio Show

I will appear live with my Trio (Conlin Roser on Guitar & Jon Markel on Bass) to perform 3 songs and do an interview with the show’s host, Dave Beck, about the making of my new CD Flirting...

This program is also streamed and archived, for those far away, on their website (link below)...
Seattle's KUOW 94.9 fm Seattle WA

Hear the show @:

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